Spare parts, tooling, warehousing and logistics

Your airline is assured that the delays in your operations will be minimized when spare parts and tooling are located close to your airplanes. This is why we offer safely storing your most crucial parts in our stores at the stations where we perform maintenance on your airplanes.

All base and line stations have certified and calibrated tooling available. Tec4Jets supports its customers in the provisioning of tools and equipment which are required during the operation and maintenance of aircraft. No matter if the right tools are needed for an A-check or troubleshooting, Tec4Jets offers a collection of aircraft maintenance tools for many plausible maintenance tasks and aircraft types.

According to a clearly defined process all delivery documents are checked and tools and/or equipment are visually inspected using the Part traceability Document. Store employees use integrated software to monitor if any maintenance and/or periodic inspections are required and will take the appropiate action(s) and update the system accordingly in line with the Part-145 regulations. 

Tec4Jets main storage facility in Brussels is approximately 2000m². The facilities are used for bonded stores, incoming goods inspection and quarantine area, and has segregated areas for serviceable, unserviceable material and in Amsterdam and Brussels a seat-shop.

So when it comes to securing your reliable operations, we are able to support you in anyway you require. 

For details on and availability of tools and equipment or what we can do to support your maintenance with spare parts, tooling equipment and warehousing, please feel free to contact us.

We are happy to provide you a complete list of available tools, equipment and parts support or give an overview of our warehousing and logistic services.


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