Engine wash

Fuel is very expensive and prices are rising. Reducing fuel demand is a key factor for an airline to stay profitable. By performing core engine washes, the Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) is lowered thus reducing the fuel demand. Next to cutting fuel costs, also CO2 emissions are reduced.

At the same time the improvement of the EGT margin leads to longer engine on-wing time as the material is subject to less stress, and also to lower overhaul costs.

Tec4Jets performs engine washes at Brussels Airport. A single stop at our facility makes your aircraft more environment friendly and fuel efficient.

Your benefits summarized:

  • Due to lower fuel demand and lower emissions you become more environmentally friendly;
  • EGT margin improvements;
  • Fuel flow reduction;
  • Maintenance costs reductions due to longer on-wing time;
  • Lower operating costs.

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