Cabin modifications

Customer experience
Customer experience, a key factor in passenger transportation. Modern aircraft cabins, from seats and LED lights to cabin partitions, all contribute to positive customer experience. Installing crew rest facilities due to amended Flight Time Limitations. To equip of refurbish your aircraft you need a specialist to handle the whole package. Tec4Jets has the experience and knowledge to guide you from planning to perform the actual modifications. Tec4Jets is in close contact with multiple seat providers, partition providers, IFE providers and Part-21 organisations to modify the aircraft within acceptable ground time and costs.

Tec4Jets will modify your aircraft in state of art hangar facilities located at Brussels airport, an aviation logistics orientated airport.

Seat reconfiguration and refurbishment
An aircraft seat is not just a seat and a cabin reconfiguration and refurbishment is more than just removing and installing seats. In-flight Entertainment (IFE) is often installed or needs to be installed and replaced, overhead bins can be repainted, cabin partitions need to be installed, a complete work package where specialists need to handle the work. Tec4Jets's engineers and cabin team are specialists in performing these modifications. Because they are experienced your project will be completed on time and within your budget.

Having close contact with IFE suppliers, your IFE installation will be performed by professionals, knowing the system completely and making sure you will have a perfect IFE system.

Flight Time Limitations
Flight Time Limitations cause airlines to install crew rest facilities. From crew rest seats in the cabin to full flat bed crew rest facilities, Tec4Jets can advice you on the best options for your aircraft and operations and subsequently install the crew rest.

Design and specification support
Being part of TUI Travel and having experienced Part-21 organisations within the group, Tec4Jets can provide LOPA changes and certification for your aircraft. Since the Part-21 organisation is nearby, a perfect communication on your project will be established from beginning to the end.

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