With respect to the type of maintenance to be performed, Maintenance Services are performed at Brussels Zaventem Airport as Line Maintenance outside on the apron, or when the type of maintenance requires a hanger, Tec4Jets facilities in the form of fully enclosed hangars are present. 

Hangar 40 at Brussels Zaventem Airport combines an airplane hangar with office space and a storage facility. Hangar 40 is large enough to accommodate a combination of wide body / narrow  body aircraft in a range consisting of E170/190, B737, B757, B767, B787, A321, A330, A340, A350.

Tec4Jets main storage facility in Brussels is approximately 2000m² and is used for bonded stores, incoming goods inspection and quarantine area, and has segregated areas for serviceable and unserviceable material. Components are well identified and protected against damage and deterioration. The complete area has sufficient lighting and is well ventilated, heated and lockable. Fire fighting equipment is available.

In case of any further questions regarding our hangar capabilities, please contact us.

Facts & Figures:
Size: 117m x 85m x 26,60/30,00m
Office space: 11.500 square meters
Available workspace hangar: 9.950 square meters
Total available volume: 270.000 cubic meters
Maximum free span: 112m 


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