Base maintenance

As an airline MRO, maintaining airplanes for world’s largest tour operator TUI Travel PLC, Tec4Jets offers great knowledge, experience and facilities to serve all customers with the same urgency, quality and attention.

Since we are an airline MRO, we know the importance of an airplane in perfect condition. Airplanes are the key tools for an airline to earn money and they are your business card towards your (potential) customers. It is essential for an airline to have airplanes maintained according to the highest standards, but within those acceptable costs, on-time and safe.

At our base Brussels Zaventem Airport we have two hangars available to perform maintenance on your airplane in a dry and clean environment.

Based on your utilisation and maintenance planning, we will search for the best maintenance slots available to perform your line and base maintenance.

This interaction and continuous coordination causes your maintenance to be optimal and that your airplane can be operated as much as practically necessary.

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Brussels National Airport
TUI 40P Box 1
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